Matt Leinart was the favorite to quarterback the Cardinals this...

Matt Leinart was the favorite to quarterback the Cardinals this year, but it looks like he's been beaten out by Derek Anderson. Credit: Getty Images

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Giants are one of the teams that have contacted the Cardinals about acquiring Matt Leinart. That doesn’t surprise me. After all, yesterday Tom Coughlin said the team would be looking into who was available.

What would surprise me? If the Giants actually traded for Leinart.

Here’s why.

What did Coughlin say yesterday would be the measuring stick of bringing in a vet backup? Availability and cost. The Cardinals spent a first-round pick on Leinart. He’s not going to come cheap. The pricetag will likely be a bit too much for a guy who the Giants will hope never plays. And if they release him, then he gets to chose where he lands. Which leads up to …

Leinart wants to be a starter somewhere. That ain’t happening here. It takes a while for guys like Leinart to be humbled enough to be content as a backup. And by content I don’t mean not wanting to play. I mean being mature enough to understand what a backup must do. David Carr was humbled enough and fit right in with the Giants. Leinart still seems to have a way to go. Maybe after his next stop, if it doesn’t work out, he’ll be ready for what the Giants are looking for.

(UPDATE: Jay Glazer apparently spoke to Leinart and yes, Leinart wants to go someplace he can start.)

A few red flags in his off-the-field activities which, to be fair, he might have ouotgrown. But the biggest red flag is this: Even after spending the last two and a half years as a backup to Kurt Warner, Leinart didn’t have a firm enough grasp of the Cardinals’ offense to win the job over a guy who showed up there this summer. So now he comes to the Giants and masters this offense while the rest of the team is focusing on regular-season preparations? Yeah, good luck.

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