Giants head coach Brian Daboll reacts during the first quarter against...

Giants head coach Brian Daboll reacts during the first quarter against the Texans at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Giants coach Brian Daboll went viral on Sunday as TV cameras caught him screaming at offensive lineman Jack Anderson on the sideline after a penalty.

A sheepish Daboll said on Monday he regretted the outburst. But it didn’t sound as if it will be the last one from the rookie head coach.

“I wear my emotions on my sleeve,” Daboll said. “I’ve told Jack that. I talk to my players all the time or my coaches. There’s some things I’d like to help but I can’t help sometimes. Probably how I was raised.

“I’ll even get that way with myself. I talk to myself, thinking when I make a dumb decision or do something that I shouldn’t have done. I don’t think about it. It just happens naturally.”

Anderson, a second-year player from Texas Tech, made the mistake of getting whistled for a false start as the Giants were lining up for a fourth-and-1 try at the Houston 36 in the second quarter of their 24-16 win over the Texans at MetLife Stadium.

After the penalty, the Giants had to punt. And Daboll let Anderson know he wasn’t pleased.

“We’re in a critical situation in a game, fourth-and-1, we’re going to go for it,” Daboll said. “I understand mistakes happen and I got a lot of confidence in Jack, just like I do with all the other players. At that particular time I just — not happy, and whatever I say, I say. And then I think I apologize later . . . You see [the video] after and you’re like, ‘I wish I didn’t do that sometimes.’

“Look, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and I’m madder at myself. I understand that got caught on camera. Do I like it? No. Are there times when I say, ‘Man, I wish I was a little more laid-back?’ Probably. Again, that’s me.”

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