Tyler Sash #39 during practice at the Timex Performance Center....

Tyler Sash #39 during practice at the Timex Performance Center. (Aug. 10, 2011) Credit: Newsday/Joe Epstein

Today was the last day of training camp. We almost made it through without a fight.

There were actually three dustups worth noting here. We’ll start with the most violent to draw you in. It started when Michael Coe was covering Duke Calhoun and the two players got tangled up away from the ball on a red zone play. It wasn’t clear exactly how things got started, but by the time I looked up Calhoun was ripping Coe’s helmet off his head and hitting him on the head with it. Special teams assistant coach Larry Izzo appeared to get himself in the middle of it and several other players pulled the two apart.

Of course it wasn’t over.

About three snaps later, Coe was once again lined up opposite of Calhoun. Cow kept creeping up closer and closer to the line f scrimmage and you could sense that something was going to happen. At the snap of the ball Coe drilled Calhoun hard in the chest and the two of them held onto each other and spun around. Coe tried to fling Calhoun but Calhoun kept his feet.

The third one in this narrative was actually the first chronologically. Devin Thomas caught a pass in the seam from Ryan Perrilloux and safety Tyler Sash came up from behind him and buzzed him. I don’t know if Sash made significant contact, but he was close. Apparently too close for Thomas’ liking. Because after he caught the ball, Thomas threw it to the ground and went after Sash. Sash, though, had his back to Thomas and never saw him coming. Thomas clotheslined Sash from behind, knocking him down. Sash stayed in the practice but Thomas went off the field.


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