Eli Manning celebrates after throwing a touchdown to Rueben Randle...

Eli Manning celebrates after throwing a touchdown to Rueben Randle in the second quarter of a game against the Oakland Raiders at MetLife Stadium. (Nov. 10, 2013) Credit: Mike Stobe

So the Giants are back in the playoff hunt?

Surprisingly, they insist they are not. "We're 3-6, we're not close to it,'' Terrell Thomas said. "We've got some work to do. We're just happy we're playing Giants football again.''

Justin Tuck said that even though the team has always been optimistic that it can overcome its 0-6 start, "we are still in the hole.''

But seriously, they're back in it?

It would appear so. They're the only team in the division to have a three-game winning streak this season. Of course, they're the only team that had a six-game losing streak, too.

When was the last time a team started 0-6 and then won three straight? It must not happen a lot, right?

Actually, it was fairly recently. The 2011 Dolphins went from 0-7 to 3-7. The 2009 Titans were the last team to go from 0-6 to 3-6. They reached 5-6 before finishing the season 8-8.

Did the Giants have a big viewing party Sunday night to watch the Cowboys and root for the Saints?

Nope (although Victor Cruz apparently hosted a birthday bash and the game presumably was on somewhere). Antrel Rolle said he didn't even plan on watching the game. "The only thing we can control is us,'' he said.

Jason Pierre-Paul said he felt great this week. How'd he look?

Awesome, until he got hurt again. He had a sack and was very active along the line of scrimmage but left the game with a left shoulder injury in the first half. He returned, but the fire that he showed early in the game seemed to be on low. "All I can say, I'm not fully all the way back, but I'm getting there, I'm getting there,'' he said of working through offseason back surgery. As for the shoulder injury, he said: "I'll be fine.''

What about Terrelle Pryor?

The Raiders quarterback said he has a sprained MCL from an injury in last week's game against the Eagles and that it limited him in this game. "It got worse during the week,'' he said. "I want to play and help the team, but I just didn't feel well today.''

Cruz looked surprised that the ball was thrown in his direction on the pick-6. Was he?

Yes. "When you run a route, you kind of know who's in your area and you kind of know when you're going to get the ball and when you're not,'' Cruz said. "When he threw it, I was a little surprised, because it was a coverage we had gone over. I'm assuming he just didn't see [Tracy Porter] and just kind of threw it in that area. That's why I was surprised when he threw it.''

What was Damontre Moore thinking about when he blocked the punt in the first quarter?

The ones he tipped but didn't block cleanly against the Steelers (in the preseason) and Chiefs earlier this year. "Coach was like, 'All you had to do was have your hands below your eyes and run through,' '' he said of the advice he received from earlier infiltrations. "Today I got off the ball and I thought about it and I was like, 'I gotta keep my hands down.' And you don't jump until the last minute, and that's what ended up happening.''

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