Dallas Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey is congratulated by Kyle Bosworth...

Dallas Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey is congratulated by Kyle Bosworth after Bailey kicked the game-winning field goal in the final seconds of the game against the Giants at MetLife Stadium. (Nov. 24, 2013) Credit: Getty

The Cowboys celebrated their win Sunday with jubilation, strong words and even some fake blood. According to the Giants, they earned the right to do that.

"They got the win, they beat us twice this year, they got the right to talk trash," defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins said yesterday. "You can't get irritated about it now. We should have done something about it during the games."

"They have the right to be as happy as they want to be; they won the game," Antrel Rolle added. "Had it been vice versa, I'm sure we would have been just as happy."

Even Terrell Thomas, the player who most directly predicted a Giants victory, had no problem with what the Cowboys did.

"That's what you're supposed to do," he said. "My statement, I stand by it. Our season's on the line, their season's on the line. They won the big game. They came into our house and won. The better team won."

The Cowboys' celebration marked an end to a week of vocal brags that had been mostly one-sided. Before Thomas' prediction, Jason Pierre-Paul had set the tone by saying blood would be spilled during the game. That prompted Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher to smear fake blood on his face in the postgame locker room and tell reporters that it was from "eating" the Giants.

"I'm going to be full for three days," he said.

Tom Coughlin, he of the "talk is cheap, play the game" philosophy, said he was largely unaware of the yapping his players were doing leading up to the Cowboys game. He said he would address the players about it when they return to practice Wednesday.

Even after the game, though, the Giants had some things to say . . . or at least show. Justin Tuck posted a picture on his Twitter feed dedicated to all of the Cowboys fans who follow him. It was a snapshot of his two Super Bowl rings set on finger-like jewelry holders.

Thus concludes another chapter of the Giants-Cowboys rivalry. Tune in next year, because while the Giants were accepting of the Cowboys' showboating after this game, they won't forget it.

"They carry over right to next year," Jenkins said.

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