Giants head coach Tom Coughlin speaks to the media after...

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin speaks to the media after a brief team practice at Timex Performance Center that served as the start of training camp. (July 26, 2013) Credit: James Escher

Tom Coughlin pointed it out almost immediately following Sunday’s loss.

“We’ve been 0-2 before, we’ve dug ourselves into a hole before, and been able to fight our way out of it,” he said. “And we did it with ‘team.’”

It is true. In 2007 the Giants started the season with two straight losses and then rallied to win the Super Bowl. Maybe this team will do that, too. Probably it won’t. But the fact that it has such an accomplishment on its resume should give the players some optimism.

But wait. Wasn’t that like seven seasons ago? Who is this “we” Coughlin said about having been here before? It turns out that it’s a very small portion of the team.

There are only nine players remaining on the 53-man roster who were with the Giants in 2007. Two of them were non-factors in yesterday’s loss and didn’t play a snap on offense or defense. One just rejoined the team during the week. The nine are: Eli Manning, Corey Webster, Aaron Ross, Brandon Jacobs, Zak DeOssie, David Diehl, Chris Snee, Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka.

Math: Nine players out of 53 is 16.9 percent. So when Coughlin says “we did this” and “we did that,” he’s talking to a fraction of the team. A handful of players.

Ok, so you say that there are more players who were at least in the NFL in 2007 who remember what the Giants accomplished. Well, that’s a pretty small chunk too. There are 17 current Giants who were playing professional football in 2007, and that includes the nine who were here. The others: Josh Brown, Steve Weatherford, Antrel Rolle, David Baas, Kevin Boothe, Mike Patterson, Shaun Rogers and Cullen Jenkins.

So 17 out of 53 is 32 percent. When Coughlin says “we did this” and “we did that,” for 68 percent of the team the reference goes completely over their heads. They were in college at the time. Or high school. Damontre Moore, the youngest Giant on the roster, was a sophomore in high school in 2007. I don’t even know for certain that he was on the varsity that season.

The point is that saying “we” in relation to pulling out of an 0-2 hole is a little disingenuous. Yes, the Giants lost their first two games and rebounded. But for most of the Giants that’s not a “we” thing. It’s a “they” thing

Coughlin said last week that he likes to play the role of "historian" to the team and teach them about world events and their impact when it's necessary. He'll have to continue preaching his penchant for the past to this group in order to get his message across, because 2007 was a long, long time ago and for most of the Giants it's irrelevant.

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