Brandon Jacobs was fined $10,000 for throwing his helmet and having it land in the stands on Sunday night (he could face a further fine if the league decides to slap him for the late hit out of bounds on the interception return that wasn't, but this 10 grand is for the helmet toss only).

He also issued a statement about the fine, the incident, and , oh, some talk about a trade request?

Here's his statement:

“I want to apologize one more time for accidentally tossing my helmet in the stands. It was something that happened because I was frustrated with the game, and I had no business tossing my helmet in the first place, and I am thankful that nobody was hurt.

“I talked to Jerry (Reese) and coach (Tom) Coughlin yesterday. Both of them asked to speak with me, I didn’t request a meeting with them. I have not demanded a trade and have no plans to demand a trade. The only demand I am making right now is of myself, to be the best player I can be and to help this team win.”

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