Brandon Jacobs #27 and Ahmad Bradshaw #44 share a laugh...

Brandon Jacobs #27 and Ahmad Bradshaw #44 share a laugh as they take a break between drills during practice at the Timex Performance Center. (Aug. 10, 2011) Credit: Newsday/Joe Epstein

The Giants have five more practices in training camp, which is five more opportunities for fans to see the team workout. It’s certainly been a different experience at the Timex Performance Center than it usually is in Albany, and not the least noticeable difference has been the fraction of a crowd the team is getting here in the New York City area.

While those figures may disappoint some, they are not a negative for everyone.

“There are a lot less people here, which is great,” Brandon Jacobs said of the setup. “There’s not many distractions, which is great. I love our fans, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a little bit overwhelming in Albany. They have no barriers in Albany. Every time you looked, everywhere you looked, they were there, they want this and they want that. It’s a one-time thing and I understand it but people also have to understand that we have a timeframe that we work with when we have free time for ourselves as well.

“Camp being here has been absolutely phenomenal if you ask me,” he added. “I get to see my kids, I get to see my wife, I get to see people whenever I feel like driving home. And here, we’re in our own home, we know where things are and we’re more familiar with everything around here than we are in Albany. I think camp being here is great and it’s worked out good for us. We might want to look into (doing it from now on).”


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