Brandon Jacobs yells to the crowd before a 2010 game...

Brandon Jacobs yells to the crowd before a 2010 game against the Lions. (Oct. 17, 2010) Credit: David Pokress

Brandon Jacobs seemed to be miffed with the amount of playing time he’s gotten early this season when he spoke with reporters last week. The bye may have allowed him to get healthy, but it has apparently done little to dull his feelings.

In an interview that was published this morning by Men’s Fitness, Jacobs reiterated that he’s not getting enough carries, suggests that Ahmad Bradshaw isn’t either, and says that he’ll not be playing for the Giants when his contract expires after next season.

Jacobs was asked about the suggestions by some that he is not as eager to hit people as he was early in his career.

“There’s a lot of people that really don’t know what they’re talking about,” he said. “First off, I don’t really get a lot of chances to prove [myself]. As a back, you need to get out and get going, get a couple carries. You know, get the pace of the game down… I don’t get enough carries to say I was part of anything, so people can say what the hell they want to say… it doesn’t really bother me.”

Later in the interview, Jacobs was asked about Bradshaw.

“He’s not being used as much as he can be, either,” he said. “It’s a very confusing thing … I just can’t wait to get a true opportunity to get out there and show myself again, you know? Next year, hopefully. This is a business and you have to look at it that way. I just want to get out there and show myself. It’s going to have to be for another team, but it is what it is. It comes with the territory.”

Jacobs was then asked if he sees himself with the Giants beyond his current contract.

“No, I don’t,” he said.

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