Wide receiver Victor Cruz #80 of the Giants looks on...

Wide receiver Victor Cruz #80 of the Giants looks on before a game against the Arizona Cardinals at MetLife Stadium on Sept. 14, 2014 in East Rutherford, N.J. Credit: Getty Images / Alex Trautwig

John Mara saw Victor Cruz at the team's facility and asked him if he is OK.

When Cruz asked why he was asking, Mara said: "Because I haven't seen you on Page Six in about three days."

The truth is, it's pretty easy for Mara to keep tabs on his two globe-trotting superstar receivers. Cruz popped up in Japan this week, Odell Beckham Jr. was in London earlier this month. Both attract a lot of attention wherever they go.

"I was teasing him," the Giants president and CEO said of his barb at Cruz's fame. "He makes the gossip pages a lot."

But Mara and the Giants have reason to be concerned about the two of them -- one physically and the other mentally. When the team comes back for the start of offseason workouts a month from Friday, they're not exactly sure what they're going to get back from the two of them.

First Cruz, who is coming off a torn patellar tendon.

"So far, so good, according to Victor and according to our medical people," Mara said of the rehab process. "He's working really hard and he has a lot of pride and we expect him back at 100 percent."

That's a little more optimistic than what general manager Jerry Reese has been saying since the 2014 season ended, that the team hopes but is not counting on Cruz to come back at full strength. But Mara pays Reese to be more pragmatic.

Beckham is a little different. This is his first offseason in the spotlight and Mara expressed concern about how he will react to that. He once compared Beckham's breakout rookie season to the one Lawrence Taylor had in 1981. Taylor had a Hall of Fame career, but also had plenty of off-the-field issues during his tenure with the Giants.

"I've been in the business for a long time and whenever you have a young player come in and have that kind of dramatic success right away you do worry about it a little bit," Mara said. "I do think that [Beckham] is an intelligent young man. We've got a lot of good role models in our organization to help walk him through some of these things. Yeah, that's something you always worry about with any young player who has had success. But I think he'll do just fine."

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