Kenny Phillips has a blog about the game against the Colts (or what he can remember of it after a hit to the head in the first quarter of the loss). In it he talks about how the Giants came in with a gameplan and the Colts pulled a switcheroo on them.

"The week before the Colts threw the ball 57 times and ran it 10, so we figured they would do pretty much the same thing and that we could stop the run with 5 or 6 guys," he writes. "But that wasn’t the case. They caught us with a pass defense out there and we couldn’t stop the run. It seemed like we were off balance the whole game.

"We also made a lot of mistakes tackling and not being in the right gaps. It was just a bad game for us. I don’t think we played disciplined football."

You can read the entire blog post here, including information Phillips has about his knee and a look ahead to the Titans.

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