Giants RB #44 Ahmad Bradshaw trys avoiding the Titan's #55...

Giants RB #44 Ahmad Bradshaw trys avoiding the Titan's #55 Stephen Tulloch during game against the Titans. Credit: Joe Rogate

Ahmad Bradshaw scowled as he delivered each line, his words dripping with disgust and disappointment.

"I hate losing, that's all it is," the Giants running back said in a low voice. "I did a lot to help this team lose today."

But Bradshaw was only one of many offenders yesterday. The Giants committed 11 penalties for 86 yards in an ugly 29-10 loss to the Titans at New Meadowlands Stadium. But his face - those furrowed brows and that stone-cold expression - said it all: His fumble and penalty had overshadowed his otherwise solid offensive production, and that simply was unacceptable.

Bradshaw, who gained 88 yards on 15 carries and caught five passes for 30 yards, negated a 43-yard pass from Eli Manning to Mario Manningham on third-and-10 from the Giants' 1 with the score tied at 10 early in the third quarter. The stadium erupted when Manningham managed to keep his feet inbounds on the left sideline, securing an apparent first down. But the fans' euphoria was short-lived; Bradshaw was called for a chop block on defensive tackle Tony Brown in the end zone, resulting in a safety.

"It was our center's guy and I jumped over from my Mike and the center took my Mike and I just went to chop-block him out," Bradshaw said of the play, which put the Titans ahead 12-10. "And by the time I was in there, I didn't know if he had his hands on him or not. And they called the penalty."

Bradshaw said he didn't realize he was in the end zone.

"I didn't see the flag; it was behind us," he said. "Once they called it and once I saw the flag, I figured it had to happen that way."

Bradshaw committed the only fumble of the game later in the third quarter on first-and-goal from the 6. Titans safety Michael Griffin stripped the ball away from Bradshaw and cornerback Alterraun Verner recovered the fumble at the 5.

"They got their hand on it on the cutback and I just lost it," Bradshaw said matter-of-factly.

Said Tom Coughlin: "There was a touchdown with momentum. There was a score coming with momentum. There's the ball on the ground."

Though fumbling hasn't been an issue for Bradshaw (he had three last season), he bristled when pressed about the issue.

"It's something I don't want to talk about, man. All right?" he said bluntly. "I mean, it happens. I try to do a little extra sometimes and that's when it happens. I just have to be [cautious] about it."

He added, "We beat ourselves. We could have won this game. There's no doubt in my mind."

Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks said he didn't feel the need to offer encouraging words to Bradshaw, who sat on the bench in the closing minutes.

"We know he wants to be great," Nicks said. "Every individual that's out there on the field, they want to be great. I don't think nobody said nothing to him because we know he was thinking already and getting down on himself."

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