WFAN host Mike Francesa hosts his Football Sunday radio show...

WFAN host Mike Francesa hosts his Football Sunday radio show from Mulcahy's on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015. Credit: Steve Pfost

Mike Francesa had plenty to say Monday about the way Odell Beckham Jr. played in the Giants’ loss to the Packers on Sunday.

Francesa started off his WFAN show on Monday afternoon ripping Beckham, who had four catches for 28 yards and dropped three other passes in the 38-13 loss.

“I don’t care where he went during the week,” Francesa said. “I’m not going to revisit the boat because it’s just part of the immaturity that has him out on the field with no shirt on before the game, like he’s proving some point to somebody. Nobody cares if you wear sleeves. Catch the ball. Nobody cares if he’s out there with no shirt on. Catch the ball. Nobody cares that you can make one-handed catches. Try making two-handed catches! Catch the ball. Grow up.”

Beckham’s bad game came nearly a week after he and three other Giants receivers were photographed on a boat in Miami. He came out shirtless for warmups on Sunday at Lambeau Field, where temperatures were in the low single digits.

This isn’t the first time Francesa has gone off on Beckham. He criticized the Giants’ star receiver earlier in the season when Beckham was seen getting heated on the sideline, and has compared the way the Giants have treated Beckham to the way they treated former tight end Jeremy Shockey.

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