Aaron Ross #31 of the New York Giants takes part...

Aaron Ross #31 of the New York Giants takes part in practice in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Aug. 8, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

It’s been so long since he’s been healthy, Aaron Ross thinks people have forgotten how good he can be.

“I’m really confident in myself,” said the fifth-year pro who will take on a role of added significance with Terrell Thomas out for the season. “I know what I can do. As long as I can stay healthy I know I’m fine. The coaches haven’t seen me healthy in two years, the fans or you guys (in the media), so of course you all will forget. But I know what I can do.

“I think I’m a decent player,” he added. “They drafted me here for a reason. As long as I’m healthy I think I can have a positive impact on the field.”

Healthy and Aaron Ross have not been synonymous throughout his career. Between hamstring issues and plantar fasciitis, he’s been hobbled for the last two seasons. Last year he played through the foot condition but said he only started feeling comfortable in the area in March.

Of course, when a guy has that many issues, he starts getting called …

“Injury prone,” Ross said, very much aware that the term has been applied to him. “I’ve been injured for two years. They were freak injuries, but an injury is an injury. As long as I can stay away from it, that title will go away.”

Ross is also in his contract year. The former first-rounder said he’s not worried about that, though. He’s more focused on staying healthy. And he looked pretty good on Monday against the Bears, breaking up a few passes on key third downs. Each time he came away from the play showing a lot of emotion and exuberance.

“I’m excited,” he said. “Every chance I get to play out there on the outside … I hadn’t been out there for like two tears now so being out on the outside and being able to make plays and show coaches that I can make plays, the fans, the media, it’s exciting.”

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