I mentioned Chris Snee taking a few light-hearted swipes at Eli Manning in the post below. That’s as good a sign as any that Snee will be practicing today. You might recall last week when the Giants offensive linemen showed up at the cafeteria wearing bandages on their heads to poke the quarterback. Well, Snee did not. He said he didn’t feel it was right to make jokes about injuries when he himself was unable to practice.

Now he is. Snee said he’ll be out there today after missing the last two weeks or so of work. Most of that time he wasn’t even on the field but locked away having treatment on his knee. Sometimes he was left all by himself.

“Even the trainers were out at practice,” he said of the loneliness of being the only guy in a training room. “It was tough.”

But Snee said he prepared as if he were going to play in the first two preseason games, watching film of the Jets and Steelers. He even watched tape of the Giants’ practices that he was missing.

“I really just tried to keep myself as busy as possible as far as preparing for a game,” he said. “It was tough not being out there. I would have loved to have gotten some plays in and shaken off the rust, but I’ll have to do that in the next two weeks.”

Snee also said that he was fine with the course of treatment the Giants had for him. “It was just a matter of resting and getting the swelling out of there, which obviously was the right method because the swelling is gone,” he said. “There’s no real way to tell until I get out there and get a full week’s work in and we see how it goes. It’s just something I deal with and I have to manage. I’ll do that with the training room and I think we’re on top of it now.”

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