Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. (Jan. 4, 2010)

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. (Jan. 4, 2010) Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, will be up for re-election in the fall of 2013. He’d said in the past that he was unconcerned with a second term, but today he admitted that having the Super Bowl in New Jersey and the possibility of being the “host governor” for the event might sweeten the idea or running for a second term.

As Mike Garafolo pointed out later, there’s another key player here who is also on a four-year term. And that’s Tom Coughlin. The Giants coach has two years remaining on his contract with the team after signing an extension following the Super Bowl XLII victory.

Does the possibility of having a Super Bowl in his own stadium prod Coughlin to look to the future?

“I think we’ll start with next year, 2010,” Coughlin said. “Let’s go ahead and look hard at that first.”

Coughlin did describe the atmosphere around the new stadium as “an exciting time for everybody,” but he would not comment on how long he plans on coaching or if having the Super Bowl will be a factor in that decision. At least not yet.

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