We took a week off from this during the bye, but now that the games are FINALLY back – I know, it’s been a long time – so too is our list of the Bottom Five Things to Look For. This week, we go to Seattle, home of Starbucks, grunge, and Dr. Frasier Crane.

As always, there are plenty of other places for you to find the top couple of keys to the game, but this is the only place where we go straight to the end of that list and give you the Bottom Five. Without any further ado:

5. Between the three-hour time difference from coast-to-coast and the hour difference thanks to the end of daylight saving time, the Giants are completely unsure what time it is on Sunday. They show up midway through the second quarter … to find that they are leading 14-3.

4. C.C. Brown heard he and the Lions are playing against New York this week, so he’s been telling teammates about Giants tendencies. When Mark Sanchez comes out on the field, he says: “I told you Eli is inconsistent.”

3. The 80 to 100 friends and family that Kevin Boss expects to attend the game – his first ever on the West Coast as an NFL player – tip the balance at Qwest Field, negating the home-field volume advantage that the Seahawks often enjoy.

2. After seeing Terrell Thomas and Steve Smith, Pete Carroll decides to go back to coaching in college. His first two recruits: Terrell Thomas and Steve Smith.

1. The Giants defense pummels Charlie Whitehurst so badly that Matt Hasselbeck’s concussion gets worse.


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