From left, Amber Sabathia, Executive Director, Co-Founder of the PitCCh...

From left, Amber Sabathia, Executive Director, Co-Founder of the PitCCh In Foundation and wife of CC Sabathia; Former New York Giants player Tiki Barber; Alexis Stoudemire, wife of New York Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire receive their running bibs for the 2014 NYC Marathon. Credit: NYRR

Tiki Barber ran for 10,449 yards with the Giants. On Sunday, he'll try for another 46,112.

That's how many yards are in 26.2 miles and that's how far Barber will be running in the New York City Marathon.

The former Giants running back is part of a team running for the PitCCh In Foundation founded by Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia. He'll be joined on the course by, among others, Sabathia's wife, Amber, Amar'e Stoudemire's wife, Alexis, and Power 105.1 deejay Angie Martinez.

It will be Barber's first marathon. "Depending on how it goes," he told Newsday on Wednesday, "maybe my only marathon."

His goal, he said, is right around four hours, "give or take 10 minutes." But the competitor in him wants an accomplishment that can't be measured in hours, minutes and seconds.

"I want to beat Amani," Barber said.

Two years ago, former Giants teammate Amani Toomer finished the race in 4:13.

"That'll be challenging because Amani is one of those long runner-type athletes where I'm more of a squat, sprinter-type athlete," Barber said. "It'll be challenging. But I'm a competitor."

Barber said he's been training and feels confident. He ran his 20-mile prep run in 85-degree temperatures recently and said he felt as though he could go for another hour. That's what he'll have to do to finish this race.

Of course, everyone has been offering Barber tips for his first marathon. Most have to do with pacing himself, being aware of his breathing and his tempo. The most important tip, he said, is to stay hydrated.

"I remember my football trainer always telling me, 'If you don't have to pee, you're dehydrated,' " Barber said. "That's going to be my goal before I start and as I go through: To be on the edge of having to pee."

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