So Kevin Boss is out until training camp. That’s good news for Travis Beckum, right? More reps? Well, not exactly. Especially since Beckum said he doesn’t even consider himself to play the same position as Boss.

“Me and Kevin don’t play the same position,” the second-year tight end (for lack of a better term) said.

In fact, Bear Pascoe was running with the “starting” offense at tight end while Beckum was in the slot as a receiver. That’s where Beckum is more comfortable and, if the Giants want to use him properly, that’s where he’ll probably be lined up more this season.

“The thing about the position I played in college and a lot of what I’m doing here is my ability to move around, whether it’s in the backfield, in the slot or out wide,” Beckum said. “It’s all different and I think they’re going to continue to do that this year. Mostly last year that’s what I played. Last year I played only a couple of times on the line of scrimmage and most of those times I was running a screen play. It’s just them moving me around in the offense trying to get me a mismatch in the defense.”

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