Interesting article on about what is expected of the rookies on the team ... and not just in terms of football. Some of the veteran players -- mostly veteran defensive linemen with Super Bowl rings -- are quoted about what kinds of teasing and testing will go on for the rooks as well as the changes they can expect in terms of intensity on the field and in the classroom.

Justin Tuck spoke about first-round drfat pick Jason Pierre-Paul and how he'll be tested both mentally and physically. Sometimes the verbal jabs can be as hard to take as the physical ones on the field.

"(Pierre-Paul) can make it easier by just taking everything in stride," Tuck said. "If we get under your skin, we are not going to stop, we are going to make it even worse. So those guys who can roll with the punches and throw some punches back are the kind of guys that will fit in well around here."

Tuck did say that he hopes to be able to help Pierre-Paul develop.

"Obviously, everyone knows how athletic he is and how big the upside is," Tuck said. "Hopefully, I can kind of take him under my wing like old man 92 did when I was here. That benefitted me, and hopefully I can do the same for him.

"I'm a little younger than Strahan was when I was a rookie, so I don't know if I'm going to be as lenient. But I'm excited about getting in this kid's brain and seeing how he approaches a football game. And hopefully I can have a little effect on how he does in the future."

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