Brandon Jacobs screams as he warms up prior to playing...

Brandon Jacobs screams as he warms up prior to playing the New England Patriots during Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium. (Feb. 5, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Back when they were teammates, Justin Tuck had a pretty standard line when he was asked about Brandon Jacobs’ running style.

“I always tell him,” Tuck would say, “that I wouldn’t want to be a defender having to try to tackle him.”

On Sunday, he might be. Jacobs was supposed to practice today and he could play against the Giants.

“He’s a nightmare when he’s on,” Tuck said today. “He’s battled with some injuries the last couple of years and he’s battled with that knee this year, but when he’s rolling, he can make it very difficult for a defensive player.”

If Jacobs does play, he’ll no doubt have a head of steam and emotions. It will not only be his debut for his new team, but it will take place against his old team.

“If he plays, this will be a situation where we would have liked to see him take some hits before (this game),” Tuck said. “But he’s fresh and he’ll be very amped to play against us. We know him and we know what that entails. But we have a couple more days here and I think the scheme that we are putting in to go against that physicality is going to be a good one. It just comes down to execution.”

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