Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (25) avoids a tackle...

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (25) avoids a tackle by New York Giants cornerback Corey Webster (23) during the first quarter of an NFL football game. (Nov. 20, 2011) Credit: AP

When Antrel Rolle was on the radio Tuesday he said he was in the right spot on the Dez Bryant 50-yard touchdown pass. My powers of deduction allowed me to conclude, therefore, that Corey Webster was in the wrong spot. Since both of them were on the same side of the field, and they both covered the same area allowing Bryant to get wide open, then someone must have been in the wrong coverage.

If not Rolle, then Webster. If not Webster, then Rolle.

Turns out neither is copping to the crime.

I asked Webster about Antrel’s claim that he was in the right place and the right defense. Here is the transcript of the conversation. The questions are in plain text, the answers are in quotations.

“Me too. I was in the right spot.”

How can that be?

“Now you have another question. He said it. I said it. I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers, man. I try. I try to answer the questions as best as possible.”

So you were both in the right spot?

“Both in the right spot. Dez Bryant made a great play.”

Weren’t you both on the same guy though?

(He shrugs.)

So that’s a badly schemed defense then if you are both in the right spot.

(He looks around innocently for about four seconds.)

You both thought you were in the right spot or you were both in the right spot?

(He continues looking around in awkward silence for about 18 seconds.)

Alright. Go Tigers.

“Geaux Tigers!”

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