Ines Sainz of TV Azteca attends Media Day prior to...

Ines Sainz of TV Azteca attends Media Day prior to Super Bowl XLI at Dolphins Stadium in Miami, Florida. (Jan. 30, 2007) Credit: Getty Images

The NFL said Sunday it is investigating the Jets' treatment of Ines Sainz, a reporter for TV Azteca, during and after Saturday's practice.

Some players and assistant coach Dennis Thurman playfully ran plays near Sainz on the sideline during a drill.

Later, in the locker room, some players were heard hooting about her presence and appearance, and she later posted on Twitter (in Spanish) referring to feeling "embarrassment" as she waited to interview Mark Sanchez.

The Jets released a statement expressing concern:

"The New York Jets believe that reporters have a job to do and it is our obligation to provide them with proper and professional access.

"Woody Johnson spoke with Ines Sainz of TV Azteca [yesterday] to discuss the time she spent covering the team. He stressed to Ines that he expects all members of the Jets organization to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times."

The team said it will work with the league to gather information and take any steps necessary "to maintain a respectful environment for the media."

The Association of Women in Sports Media (AWSM) issued a statement saying: "AWSM remains steadfast in its long-standing commitment to ensure all women in sports media are treated respectfully, equally and professionally while working in the locker room. We will remain on top of this situation."

General manager Mike Tannenbaum spoke with Joanne Gerstner, a board member of AWSM, and the Jets are working with AWSM to schedule an educational and awareness session with the team. The matter also was addressed by media relations director Bruce Speight at last night's team meeting.

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