Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore participates in drills during OTAs at...

Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore participates in drills during OTAs at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center in Florham Park, N.J., on June 15. Credit: Noah K. Murray

FLORHAM PARK, N.J — Joe Flacco has been around many receivers over his career and hasn’t seen many who can stop and go the way Elijah Moore can.

Moore, the Jets’ second-year receiver, continues to impress with his route running, quick moves and ability to get open. Flacco compared Moore’s explosiveness and consistently being in the right spot to Steve Smith.

“His ability to stop and start is really, really, really rare,” Flacco said. “I don’t know how many times I’ve seen somebody that can stop as well as he can. Garrett [Wilson] is pretty similar to that. We’re going to continue to put him in positions where I think he does those things well and then clean up some other little areas so that when teams are playing zone coverage against us, he’s sitting in the right spot.

“In terms of athleticism and toughness, his ability to go get the ball, come game day nothing’s too big for him. He’s able to compete at the highest level and keep all those things that work in his favor.”

Moore showed those traits during the Jets’ joint practice with the Falcons on Friday.

He made a quick move, freezing Atlanta cornerback Casey Hayward Jr. and was wide open near the sideline. Flacco hit Moore, who then juked a couple of defensive backs for a big gain after the catch. Three plays later, Moore beat Heyward again to convert a third down.

Moore said he’s “feeling more confident.” It comes from knowing the playbook better and not having to think as much. It’s all coming naturally and second nature to Moore. When he hears a play call, he knows what he’s supposed to do.

The Jets’ offense should be more dynamic this season. They’ve improved at all the skill positions, which will make it harder for defenses to key in on one player. Moore will be a focal point for defenses as well as for the Jets. They’re excited about what Moore can become.

“He approaches every single day like a professional,” Robert Saleh said. “He takes care of his body like a professional. He studies like one. He’s got a great mindset, loves football. He hasn’t even sniffed the surface, let alone scratched it, of what we think he’s going to be capable of.”

When asked what kind of weapon Moore can be in this offense, Saleh paused and said it’s up to the driven receiver.

“He can be as good as he wants to be,” Saleh said. “I think our offensive scheme does a really nice job of putting players in position to be successful. It’s the moment of truth at catch point to be able to take the ball and transition and make something explosive happen. We all think he has that in him.”

He showed that as a rookie. Moore caught 43 passes for 538 yards, five touchdowns and scored a rushing touchdown. He led the Jets in receiving yards and touchdowns despite playing in only 11 games.

Moore’s season was cut short by a quad injury. He also suffered one in training camp, limiting his development at the start. He’s healthy now and benefiting from being on the field every day.

“Adding the days on days allows me to get more reps,” Moore said. “I can’t thank God enough for that. I feel good. I’m blessed. The only worries that I have is how am I going to win at practice?”

Moore keeps doing that. The Jets expect it to continue in games.

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