Jordan Jenkins speaks with the media at training camp in...

Jordan Jenkins speaks with the media at training camp in Florham Park, New Jersey, on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017. Credit: James Escher

The aftermath of the Jets’ 45-20 loss to the Raiders included Jordan Jenkins’ displeasure about the misinterpretation of his comments about Marshawn Lynch’s sideline dance.

Jenkins said he didn’t like the dance but that he respected the Raiders running back as a person and as a player. When part of his comments Sunday were misconstrued on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” show Monday morning, the Jets’ second-year linebacker reacted angrily.

“@SportsCenter don’t use me for clickbait next time,” Jenkins wrote on Twitter.

He later added, “I’m done speaking with media for a while, you can’t win, they control what gets put out. I’m done trying to argue with these clowns, I’m out.”

Co-host Mike Golic later tweeted: “Jordan, if I misinterpreted your comments that’s on me, and I will rectify on show [Tuesday] if I got it wrong.”

Jenkins’ response was an emoji with two hands together saying “Thank you.”

On Tuesday’s show, Golic did address his comments.

“I went in on the Jets and Jordan Jenkins pretty hard yesterday for a comment about Marshawn Lynch dancing and what I thought about paying attention to that more than what was going on on the field,” Golic said.

“As the day went on, and I read more about it, and even heard Jordan Jenkins talk about it, saying, ‘Wait a minute, I said this and this,’ I put too much — and it’s my fault — I put too much, in my opinion, of the focus on that he was talking more about Marshawn Lynch dancing than what was going on on the field, and he wasn’t. He was talking about the embarassment of what happened on the field.”

Golic ended his explanation with an apology to Jenkins.

“I do apologize for going in on him as much as I did because I took it as the focal point was about Marshawn Lynch, and it was not the focal point. It was about how they got beat on the field,” Golic said.

“If I say something and I feel it was wrong, I just want to make sure I right it if I can.”

It was a difficult game for the Jets’ defense, which allowed 180 rushing yards. Jalen Richard’s 52-yard run with 12:49 to play gave the Raiders a 35-13 lead, prompting the dance from Lynch.

After the score, the song “I’m really from Oakland Tho” by Vell and DJ Mustard played on the speaker system, and Lynch took over from there. The Oakland native’s dance in the middle of the sideline was shown on the video board at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The crowd went wild, and fans started chanting Lynch’s name.

In the locker room, several Jets noted Lynch could do whatever he wanted because, after all, his team was winning big.

“That irks my ever-living nerves and I was on kickoff return when I saw it happen and it’s infuriating and I wanted them to kick the ball short so we could get more contact,” Jenkins said when asked about Lynch’s dance. “That [expletive] me off, I’m an old school guy, I don’t like when things like that happen. That was embarrassing, losing like that, having Marshawn dancing like that . . . Seeing that happen that should infuriate the whole team and we should have a good response coming into next Sunday.”

Jenkins is hopeful the Jets can do some dancing when they face the Dolphins on Sunday.

“That’s the kind of thing I want us to be doing after games,” Jenkins said. “Going into the fourth quarter, being excited, being overjoyed, being overzealous and celebrating with the team and just being happy, being ecstatic, over a win.”

Notes & quotes: The Jets released Kalif Raymond Tuesday, one day after Todd Bowles said he was evaluating the punt return position. Raymond muffed three punts, losing one that led to an Oakland touchdown. He averaged 28.3 yards on kickoffs and 7.6 yards on punt returns.

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