Garrett Wilson of the Jets runs in a touchdown during the second...

Garrett Wilson of the Jets runs in a touchdown during the second quarter against the Bears at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Garrett Wilson is only a rookie, but his words of frustration after an offensive dud against the Patriots on Nov. 20 spoke eloquently for many Jets fans.

Among other things, the receiver called the offense’s performance “sorry” after a 10-3 loss in which the Jets totaled two yards in the second half.

Then stuff happened, most notably the Jets benching quarterback Zach Wilson in favor of Mike White.

On Friday, Wilson told Newsday he preferred not to discuss the quarterback change but would do so after Sunday’s game “when we actually do something.”

Then they did, routing Chicago, 31-10, with White throwing for 315 yards and three touchdowns, the first two to Wilson. As promised, Wilson then spoke to reporters for the first time in a week.

Asked if he felt his opinion the previous Sunday landed in the right places, he said, “I definitely feel like it did. I didn’t mean any harm to anyone by saying it. And I don’t think anyone took it that way, luckily.

“Honestly, I feel like people were happy I said it. And to come back like this and play the way we did on offense this week, that’s what you want to do. This is what we should be doing.”

Asked if he had spoken about his comments with offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur during the week, Wilson said, “We talk after damn near every game. He felt the same way, man. We know what we have in that room and we know what we’re capable of.”

Coach Robert Saleh publicly backed his budding star last Monday, saying he did not have any issue with Wilson’s remarks, mostly because he was right.

Still, Wilson said, “Obviously, there are some things I probably shouldn’t have said and I wish I could have back. But I’m a person and I’m emotional and we had just not played up to our standards.

“When that happens, I hold myself accountable, but I just want to see a change and that’s what came out of me and he understands that.”

The change to White worked for Wilson. It began with an 8-yard touchdown pass, the first time this season the Jets scored a touchdown on their opening drive. In the second quarter, Wilson put the Jets ahead 14-10 with a 54-yard catch- and-run in which he faked his way past flummoxed cornerback Kindle Vildor and took advantage of the fact that safety Eddie Jackson was toppled by a foot injury.

“The one high safety fell over, so I knew it was just my man [to beat],” Wilson said. “I can’t say too much [about how I did it]. I want it to work again next time.”

When the season began, Wilson-to-Wilson seemed like a catchy marketing possibility. Now White-to-Wilson might carry the Jets down the stretch.

“He’s still a young pup,” Saleh said of Wilson. “There’s still so much more meat on the bone for him and as he continues to get reps and grow and learn his success is everyone’s success. Because it’s going to open up for everybody else when teams try to take him away.”

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