Jets linebacker Jamien Sherwood pursues Eagles wide receiver Jalen Reagor in...

Jets linebacker Jamien Sherwood pursues Eagles wide receiver Jalen Reagor in the first quarter at MetLife Stadium on Aug. 27, 2021. Credit: Corey Sipkin

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — As nicknames go, at least Jamien Sherwood has a memorable one. But being called the “Florham Park Strangler” might take some explaining outside of the Jets’ complex.

The second-year linebacker, who started four of his five games last season before suffering a season-ending Achilles tear, has coach Robert Saleh to thank for the nickname. 

“That actually started on special teams,” Sherwood said after Monday’s practice at training camp. “They say I’ve got these long arms. So we do some drills. The goal is to compete, so I put my arms on them and just try to win, and ultimately became the ‘Florham Park Strangler.’ ”

Does he like it?

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool,” Sherwood said.

“I actually haven’t been called that outside of the facility yet,” he added.

Gardner gets Saucy

Sauce Gardner is just a rookie, but he’s already trash talking like a veteran.

The confident first-round cornerback hasn’t tried only to get inside the helmets of the opposing receivers here.

“I talk to the quarterbacks, too,” Gardner said. “Like I talk to Zach (Wilson) sometimes, but he (will) be smiling. We’re teammates. But I trash talk Zach, even the offensive linemen sometimes, telling them I’m coming on a blitz; they better be ready. Even though they’re probably about 300 pounds, way stronger than me.

“But I just trash talk a lot.”

Mims frustrated

Denzel Mims views himself as starting material, but the third-year receiver has several others in front of him.

“He is getting better and he does express frustration,” Saleh said. “But at the same time, it’s not fazing his day-to-day approach, which is awesome.”

Exhibition plan

Saleh said the plan for the preseason opener at Philadelphia Friday night is for the first team to play for what will “probably end up being a quarter.”

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