Jets edge rusher Jermaine Johnson II works out during training camp at...

Jets edge rusher Jermaine Johnson II works out during training camp at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center in Florham Park, N.J., on July 30. Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

Jermaine Johnson broke away from Lane Johnson and had Jalen Hurts scrambling for the sideline. The athleticism and speed that Jermaine Johnson displayed in forcing the Eagles quarterback out of bounds were why the Jets coveted him.

Micheal Clemons spent a lot of time in the Eagles’ backfield last Friday night, flaunting the power that has the Jets high on him. Clemons finished with a sack and seven pressures.

The two rookie edge rushers are showing signs of what kind of impact they can have when they’re on the field.

The Jets traded back into the first round to take Johnson with the No. 26 pick. The 6-5, 254-pound Johnson continues to make strides in practice. This will be an important weekend for him with the Jets hosting joint practices with the Falcons.

Johnson will get to go against other offensive linemen and further develop his techniques and rush moves. He did well last week against three-time Pro Bowler Lane Johnson.

“He’s doing a lot of good things,” Robert Saleh said. “He’s been winning his one-on-ones. He’s learning how to use his power which has been an area of emphasis for him because he’s got all the [ability to] wiggle. He can win outside, inside. It’s still the power game that’s got to come with him. He’s doing a great job on [special] teams.

“He’s going to be a definite help this year in all facets of football.”

Johnson containing Hurts — on the play that ended with Quincy Williams’ late hit that resulted in an unnecessary roughness penalty — impressed Saleh.

“It’s part of the reason why we look for guys like Jermaine with all that speed,” Saleh said. “He’s got the speed to close and eat grass where the quarterback knows that he’s not going to be able to pull up and throw the ball. … He’s got all the athleticism in the world. He’s already got a good repertoire of moves as a pass rusher. He’s been doing really good in the run game. He’s only going to get better as the year continues.”

Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich said Johnson’s speed has “really jumped out” and “is going to be necessary to have on the field” against the athletic quarterbacks the Jets face this season.

Jets defensive line coach Aaron Whitecotton has seen progress from Johnson and Clemons. He said they’re both hungry, they’ve figured out, “Oh crap, I have a lot to learn,” and they’re putting in the work.

Johnson will be in the defensive line rotation. The Jets’ deepest and most talented position is their defensive front. Clemons, a fourth-round pick from Texas A&M, has a longer way to go to be a part of it.

Carl Lawson, John Franklin-Myers, Johnson and Jacob Martin are ahead of Clemons on the defensive end depth chart. Clemons could be used in special teams to get on the field this year, but his future is as an edge rusher. The 6-5, 263-pound Clemons showed that in his first NFL preseason game. Ulbrich is excited to see what Clemons becomes.

“All the stuff that he stands for, it showed up on game day,” Ulbrich said. “His strain, his violence, his toughness, his physicality, his strength, all of it.”

Ulbrich said Clemons is “obsessed” with football and he “goes to another space” on the field.

“His obsession and his love for this game is as good as I’ve ever seen or been around,” Ulbrich said. “And because of that, he’s going to find a way to be successful in this league.

“He’s got a long way to go, but he’s got physical tools — he’s long, he’s fast, he’s explosive, and then he’s got the mindset, the obsession to learn the game and fine tune all the little details, but also the mindset to dominate the guy that’s across the ball from him. He lives that life in all that he does. Excited about where he’s going, but again, a long way to go.”

O-line needs continuity

Offensive line coach John Benton is “a little concerned” about adding two new players (Laken Tomlinson and Duane Brown) and having two others switch positions (Alijah Vera-Tucker and George Fant). It’s doesn’t help that with Week 1 less than four weeks away the line hasn’t played a snap together.

That should change Thursday or Friday with Brown expected to start practicing. Benton’s mind is eased by the fact that Tomlinson and Brown previously played in the system.

“I haven’t felt that kind of disjointed thing,” Benton said. “In a normal year, if you told me you were going to have four new parts in a five-man line, boy, you’d be nervous. I haven’t felt that at all. I feel fairly confident will be in good shape by the time it’s necessary.”

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