Cornerback Darrelle Revis reacts during a game in an undated...

Cornerback Darrelle Revis reacts during a game in an undated file photo. Credit: Getty Images

Darrelle Revis doesn't deal in hyperbole.

So when the All-Pro cornerback used a certain nine-letter word to describe his team's sense of urgency, it revealed some serious insight into the state of the skidding Jets (2-3) and underscored the magnitude of Monday night's game against the Dolphins (0-4) at MetLife Stadium.

"We are desperate for a win. We need one," Revis said. "We've been in a three-game losing streak, three tough road games. It's good to be at home and feel a little bit of comfort, and go in there and get a win."

Hardly anything has been comforting of late for the Jets.

There's turmoil within the locker room after Santonio Holmes twice called out the offensive line, prompting guard Brandon Moore to rip the wide receiver for thinking his captaincy gives him the liberty to publicly criticize his teammates.

Holmes and Plaxico Burress also questioned whether Derrick Mason really was traded to Houston last Tuesday because his on-field performance didn't match the Jets' expectations. And offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has been under fire because of the Jets' weak offensive showing in successive weeks.

With so much Jet turbulence and a new episode seemingly every day in a drama-filled week, they are in must-win mode.

"Oh, we need it. There's no doubt about it," Rex Ryan said. "We need to get back to winning and we know this team is gunning for a win as well. It's not like, 'Oh, the Jets need one.' Well, so does Miami. We are going to get everything they have, there's no doubt. But yeah, we don't need to lose another game. Everybody knows what our goal is and what we expect from each other. We need this win."

Miami limps into MetLife Stadium with Matt Moore stepping in at quarterback for Chad Henne, who was placed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury suffered in the Dolphins' last game two weeks ago in San Diego. But they have won their last three road games against the Jets, including two against Ryan.

That's why Holmes knows it's imperative for the Jets' 28th-ranked offense to light it up and keep what should be an inferior opponent from sending the Jets to their fourth straight loss.

"Come out, play fast, put some points on the board early -- just run those guys out of here," Holmes said. "Let them come in with their 0-4 record, leave with an 0-5 record. We've just got to put everything together this week, and I think Monday night is the time to definitely turn it around. The spotlight is on us, everybody is watching. Time to really play some football and turn this organization around."

They can start by turning around an offense that has lacked explosiveness all season. They haven't stretched the field, posting only one play of at least 40 yards, tying them for last place in that category entering Sunday's action.

The Jets are averaging only 297 yards per game, with 76 of them coming via their rushing attack, a number higher than only Tennessee's 67. Still, Mark Sanchez thinks it's a matter of time before the offense comes alive.

"I feel like we just need to improve just a little bit and the wins are right there," he said. "We're right in these games. Other than the Ravens game, we haven't been blown out. We're right in these games and we have kind of found a way to lose, where last year we really found a way to win. That's the difference. It's so small. It's one completion here or there, it's one turnover here or there, a block, a tackle, a throw and a catch and we're right in [each] game.

"So we're right there, we're right there in all these games, and we played three good teams in a row. We lost, unfortunately, three in a row, but this team is ready to bounce back, and we get a good one at home this week. Must-win, need a win, whatever you want to call it, we just want to win the game."

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