Josh Cribbs runs back a kick during a game against...

Josh Cribbs runs back a kick during a game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. (Nov. 17, 2013) Credit: Getty

What did Josh Cribbs say about getting so many Wildcat snaps?

"The more you can do for your football team, the better," he said.

The Jets receiver, and former Kent State quarterback, said he "definitely" expected to be featured in a heavy dose of Wildcat Sunday. "I love running it," said Cribbs, who took six direct snaps in the game, including three during one third-quarter series. "I know every athlete on this team would love to have the football in their hands."

It was assumed that the coaches would stick to the running game with wind gusts of 40 mph expected and the unexpected continuation of rookie quarterback Geno Smith's struggles for the sixth consecutive week.

So did the Wildcat disrupt Smith's rhythm?

He said no.

"Every single chance I get to pass the ball, I think I'm in rhythm, which is the reason we practice it so much," said Smith, who was 9-for-22 for 127 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions.

"I don't think it throws me off at all," he added. "It definitely helps our offense. It gives the defense something else to look at it, and we're pretty much good at it. We usually pick up a decent amount of yards in the running game."

Center Nick Mangold agreed, saying of Cribbs: "I thought Josh gives us a heck of an explosion back there. In the end, we're all just trying to win games. And whatever we do to do that, we want to do."

Speaking of Mangold, what was his explanation for the botched-snap fumble?

Mangold seemed to put the blame on receiver Greg Salas, who ran into the ball as it was being snapped. The play resulted in a fumble that was recovered by Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.

"I guess it was snapped early, I don't know," Salas said in the locker room.

Mangold had a much different take. Asked specifically if Salas was in the wrong place, the center replied: "Yeah. Wrong place, wrong time. Again, it's rare. I've gone eight years I think without that happening. I think it happened once in college. In a practice. So it's obviously a rarity, but it's devastating when it happens."

Luckily for the Jets, the Ravens couldn't capitalize on the play as Antonio Cromartie intercepted a poorly thrown pass by Joe Flacco at the Jets' 9.

How are the Jets on the injury front?

Chris Ivory sprained his left ankle on his first carry of the game (the third play from scrimmage on third-and-1 from the Jets' 33). When asked if it was a high or low sprain, the running back said: "They think both." He's expected to have an MRI.

Salas and rookie cornerback Dee Milliner had finger X-rays after the game. They said everything checked out OK.

Did Rex Ryan give an explanation for the unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty on the Jets' bench?

With 7:52 left in the third quarter, the Jets were flagged because a coach obstructed an official on the sideline during a Ravens punt return. The penalty flag instantly conjured up memories of former Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi, who tripped a Dolphins player on the sideline during a game in 2010.

Ryan, however, said the contact between the coach and the official was unintentional. "He's on the white," he said of the coach. "It was not like he was on the field, but I know it's a point of emphasis to be off of that area. It's not intentional, and you get caught up in the moment. We saw one of our players get hit. Those things happen. It's unfortunate. We're not the only team [that it's happened to]. At that time, I was expecting a different call."

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