Head coach Adam Gase of the Jets looks on during...

Head coach Adam Gase of the Jets looks on during a game against the Arizona Cardinals at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Why couldn’t the Jets convert those crucial short-yardage plays?

They rarely do, and it always comes down to the play-calling. Adam Gase is the play-caller, and even he didn’t have a legitimate answer, which is never a good sign.

The Jets failed to get a single yard on three third-and-1s and one fourth-and-1. The worst ones came with the Jets on the Cardinals’ 13. On third down, Gase called for a fullback dive to third-string tight end Trevon Wesco. That went nowhere. Then Gase called a handoff for Le’Veon Bell. That was stuffed too.

"It’s hard to tell from the pictures exactly what the issue was," Gase said. "It looked like they had some kind of penetration. I don’t know if we lost our backside block. I have to look at the film of what happened on both of those.

"The third-and-1, I thought we were going to get because any time we’ve run the ball with Wesco we’ve gotten a yard. It just seemed like we got stopped there. I don’t know what happened exactly."

How much of that is on the offensive line?

They didn’t open the hole. But when tackle George Fant was asked that same question, he paused for nearly 12 seconds before answering but not saying what he truly felt.

"I’m not sure," Fant said. "We just have to keep doing better."

How come the Cardinals can convert a fourth-and-1 in their own territory?

Personnel and play calling. Kliff Kingsbury called a play that got the Cardinals 31 yards on fourth-and-1. It was a pass play from Kyler Murray to tight end Darrell Daniels. The Jets often run straight ahead or on one of the plays Bell took a pitch and tried to get outside and couldn’t.

"With that quarterback and the skill players they have," Gase said, "there’s so much on the table they can go through."

Kingsbury decision to go for it from his own 39 with the score 17-10 speaks to how much faith he has in his offense. But it also shows Gregg Williams’ defense doesn’t strike fear in anyone. Certainly Kingsbury wasn’t worried about the Jets’ offense if Arizona failed to convert.

What happened on the delay of game penalty?

That was a brutal mistake. The Jets had first-and-goal from the 10 after an Avery Williamson interception. On first down, they’re flagged for delay of game. They got a field goal instead of a touchdown.

"I lost track of the time," quarterback Joe Flacco said. "It didn’t seem like we were at the point yet where I would be thinking about the play clock. We got on the field, I got the play, called it and the next thing you know they were blowing the whistle on me. That can’t happen.

What did the two teams do during the playing of the national anthem?

The Jets stood with their arms linked. Only Mekhi Becton, who was inactive because of a shoulder injury, knelt, as he has for the last three weeks. The Cardinals remained in the locker room.

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