Jets quarterback Mike White walks to his bench after being sacked...

Jets quarterback Mike White walks to his bench after being sacked against the Seahawks during the first half of an NFL game Sunday in Seattle. Credit: AP

Where do the Jets go from here?

The Jets’ offense produced very little in Sunday’s 23-6 loss to Seattle, but this is becoming the norm — and it needs fixing.

This was the second straight game in which the Jets didn’t score a touchdown. During this five-game losing streak, they have scored only four touchdowns. That needs fixing, and the heat will fall on offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

The Seahawks are not the ’85 Bears. Seattle was next-to-last in rushing defense and bottom five in total defense and points allowed. The Jets ran for 76 yards — minus-1 after halftime — and couldn’t get in the end zone.

“There was no reason why we shouldn’t have been able to move the ball on them,” Robert Saleh said.

Zach Wilson can’t be blamed for this performance. Mike White ran the team, and he struggled. The Jets’ quarterback room could look very different next season.

“We have struggled to score touchdowns,” tight end Tyler Conklin said. “That’s why I think today at times, we got past the 40 but didn’t score touchdowns. It was demoralizing for us because ‘oh, here we go again, we aren’t scoring touchdowns.’ ’’

Saleh said — multiple times — that everything starts with him. He’s going to do some self-scouting for what happened after the Jets were in control of their own playoff destiny and what he can do differently.

“You got to score points,” Saleh said. “We didn’t get better as the year went on in that regard, so there’s a lot of things to look at. The things to look at start with me. I’m not kidding. [I’m] not just saying it just to say it anyway. But there’s a lot of things to look at.”  

What happened to the running game?

The Jets started off fast. Ty Johnson got the start and ran for 22 yards on his first carry. The Jets had 56 yards rushing on six carries in the first quarter. From there, they “hit a wall,” according to Saleh.

This was an opportunity for the Jets to finally get the running game going. The Seahawks adjusted, the Jets didn’t.

“They did a good job,” Saleh said. “Called a couple of run pressures. Created some TFLs [tackles for loss] and put us in some plus-yardage situations, and then you get to that fourth quarter, we’re down a couple scores and we try and play catch-up.”  

What did Saleh say to the fans who thought the Jets’ playoff drought would end this year?

“I promise you no one is hurting more than the people in the locker room, especially me,” Saleh said. “But at the same time, I know it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there’s still a lot of really cool things to look at from this season.’’  

What led to the defensive breakdowns?

Saleh and all of the defensive players said the Seahawks didn’t do anything the Jets weren’t expecting. Yet they had busts all over the place.

“It wasn’t necessarily shocking. It was disappointing because there were things that we do in our sleep,” Saleh said. “It’s basic fundamental football.”

Cornerback D.J. Reed said, “Everything that we saw on tape, they ran in the run game and in the pass game. Our coaches did a good job getting us ready for the game. They didn’t do any trickery. They literally did what they’ve been doing all year. It was a pretty easy game plan.”

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