Justin Jefferson of the Vikings catches a touchdown pass while D.J....

Justin Jefferson of the Vikings catches a touchdown pass while D.J. Reed of the Jets defends during the fourth quarter at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday in Minneapolis. Credit: Getty Images/Adam Bettcher

How did Jets cornerback D.J. Reed feel he played against Justin Jefferson?

Reed thought he did a good job against arguably the best receiver in the NFL. Jefferson caught seven passes for 45 yards and one touchdown.

“I’m frustrated,” Reed said. “I did my thing. I was in his [expletive], in his [expletive] the whole game.

“He got that one route on me, so I’m frustrated. I felt like I did a great job containing him. It’s just frustrating because I don’t want to give up a touchdown. I don’t want to be the reason my team loses. Other than that, I held my own for sure against him.”

Reed was playing a little under the weather, too. When he woke up, he said, his chest was tight and there was fluid in there, and he was “on oxygen the whole game.” He left the field for a bit to catch his breath but returned.

“I was super, super, super- winded,” he said. “I had to check myself out and get checked.”  

Why did Robert Saleh decide to take out right tackle Max Mitchell and replace him with George Fant?

Saleh said he “felt like [Mitchell] was struggling a little bit. Just tried to get George out there.” This was Fant’s first game since he went on injured reserve after Week 3 with a knee injury.

Fant was a part of a big play in the game. The Jets, who were just 1-for-3 in goal-to-go situations, had a first-and-goal from the 6 in the third quarter. Mike White completed a pass to Braxton Berrios for 3 yards that was negated by Fant’s block in the back. The Jets were pushed back 10 yards and had to settle for a field goal.

“We had a penalty, a bad penalty that knocked us out of it,” Saleh said.  

Who took the blame for Berrios’ huge drop on a potential touchdown pass?

Both White and Berrios did. White said he should have led Berrios better and “put that ball a tad more in front of him.” Berrios didn’t agree with that at all.

“That’s not on him. That’s on me,” he said. “It’s fourth down. He has everything in his face, the rush coming. He’s seeing bodies flying everywhere. He put it where I should have got it. That one’s on me.”  

Did White know for sure he got in the end zone on his 1-yard touchdown run?

No, not for sure. The officials ruled him short, but Saleh challenged the call, and it was reversed. Replays showed the pile pushed White over the plane of the goal line.

“I thought I was, but I didn’t know if it was going to be a case of they couldn’t see the ball, call on the field stands,” White said. “I tried to reach. When it’s fourth-and-goal, you got to have it or you don’t. Whoever it was was holding my arms. Fought like hell and the guys helped push me. It was kind of a team touchdown.”  

Whose record did Greg Zuerlein break with his 60-yard field goal Sunday?

He broke his own Jets record of 57 yards set earlier this season. Zuerlein’s career long is 61 yards.

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