Jets head coach Rex Ryan, right, reacts after an interception...

Jets head coach Rex Ryan, right, reacts after an interception against Geno Smith during the first half of an NFL football game against the Buffalo Bills, Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014, in East Rutherford. Credit: AP / Seth Wenig

The Jets are determined to kick their post-bye week blues. Since Rex Ryan became coach in 2009, they are 1-4 in their first game after taking several days off. But they're looking for ways to change their luck.

"I don't think we've been able to transition from the off week back into game mode,'' linebacker Calvin Pace said.

Last season, they were 5-4 heading into their off week. But they lost three in a row, beginning with a 37-14 defeat at Buffalo immediately after their Week 10 bye.

Ryan deviated from his routine this time and had players practice Tuesday and Wednesday before giving them the rest of the week off. He said he hasn't done anything else differently, but he did share some sage words with his players.

"A Navy Seal told me once that when they go on vacation or take a little time off for a break, that for them, there is really not a whole lot of break,'' Ryan said Wednesday.

"They will get away from it, but he talked about jumping on that fast-moving train. So I have used that illustration with our guys, that when we get back we are right back into it. You have to be ready to handle it and not kind of working your way into it. You have to be ready.''

The problem is, the Jets haven't been ready in the past, and for the second consecutive season, they'll face the Bills on the road coming out of the bye.

At 2-8, the Jets can't afford another letdown. Monday will be an important day as far as their preparation is concerned. But Ryan also pointed out that practice doesn't always make perfect.

"Shoot, I think one thing I've learned about this year is that sometimes practice isn't a gauge of how the game's going to go,'' he said. "But I expect that we'll practice great.''

Ryan said he and his coaching staff completed their self-scouting process before going on vacation. The results, however, weren't pretty.

"There are a couple things that really jump out. But I don't feel like sharing them,'' he said.

"We know we're horrible in the red zone, both on offense and defense; that we have to improve third-down defense. We already knew all that, but are there things specifically that maybe we're showing to an offense or we're showing to a defense? And those are things that you try to get a good grasp on during the bye week.''

But if last week's 20-13 win over the Steelers proved anything, it's that mistake-free football and defensive turnovers are keys to their success.

"I hope they see how much easier it makes it on themselves,'' Pace said of his teammates. "It's hard to win games in the NFL . . . And it makes it that much harder when you're out here doing things that are not helping your cause, whether it be turnovers or giving up big plays. I just hope they took that feeling from last Sunday and just carry it over.''

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