LaDainian Tomlinson runs for a touchdown during their 2011 AFC...

LaDainian Tomlinson runs for a touchdown during their 2011 AFC divisional playoff game against the New England Patriots. (Jan. 16, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

LaDainian Tomlinson thinks Peyton Manning should take his talents to the Jets, now that he's officially been cut loose from the Colts after 14 seasons.

"I'm sure it would be a great one for the Mannings," Tomlinson said yesterday on NFL Network in reference to Peyton joining his brother Eli in New York. "I'm sure they would love to have that happen. How realistic it is, I'm not sure.

"But I do know one thing: This is a good fit for him . . . This is a team that if they get Peyton Manning, that division it could be scary."

Still, if the Jets were to land Manning, Tomlinson questioned how incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez would feel about it.

"That's the question: 'How would he handle it?' " Tomlinson said. " . . . I don't know if he would handle it well. I think he would probably go in and maybe ask to be released because here is Mark Sanchez's gripe: 'I took you guys to two straight AFC Championship Games. Yeah, I didn't get it done last year, but my first and second year I took you to two AFC Championship Games. How can you turn around and just bring in another quarterback right now?' "

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