Michael Vick of the New York Jets waves to the...

Michael Vick of the New York Jets waves to the fans as he walks off the field after defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014 in East Rutherford, N.J. Credit: Jim McIsaac

It's a question Michael Vick doesn't want to answer, let alone think about.

At least not yet.

The quarterback is happy where he is. But he said he's not ready to think about his future with the Jets or any other franchise.

"I like it here,'' Vick said Tuesday after the first of two bye-week practices. "But that's not my decision to make.''

That may be true. But that won't stop fans and pundits from debating whether the Jets should keep him as their starter for the rest of the season and beyond. If Vick can limit his turnovers and get the Jets (2-8) on a winning streak, the calls for his return in 2015 are sure to increase.

But all of that chatter is of no concern to him.

"Like I said, I like it here in New York, it's been great, but I can't predetermine or make a decision on what's going to happen,'' Vick said when asked if he would prefer to stay with the Jets if he could.

"Because the minute you start setting your sights on something, or you want something too much, then if it doesn't happen for you, then it's a big disappointment. So, I just like to go with the flow, whatever happens, then the decisions will be made at the appropriate time.''

The Jets' upset of the Steelers on Sunday, when Vick became the NFL's first quarterback to rush for 6,000 yards, only helped to fuel speculation that the Jets could have avoided an eight-game losing streak had they made the switch from Geno Smith to Vick weeks ago.

Some of Rex Ryan's players even questioned why the organization hadn't turned to Vick sooner. Quarterbacks coach David Lee said the coaching staff and front office have no regrets.

"Since I've been here, everybody has been on the same page with who to start and who not to start and who to play at every position,'' Lee said, adding he doesn't think he should have suggested that Vick start sooner.

"I watch every tape, evaluate every tape, every practice, and I would not look back and do anything differently,'' Lee said, "and I'm not going to second-guess anything we've done. I think we've done the right things and there's no looking back here.''

It's clear Vick has plenty of talent and speed left in his 34-year-old body.

When Percy Harvin was asked if he's thought about having Vick as a starter beyond this season, he said, "Man, absolutely. Actually, me and C.J. [Chris Johnson] were just talking about it today. Just look at all the pieces and all the talent that we have. It'll be nice to end the season on a nice run and have something to build upon in the offseason.''

Vick made headlines after Sunday's game for saying he believed the Jets "would have maybe won some games'' had he been the starter from Day One. On Tuesday, he reiterated that his belief in his ability shouldn't be misconstrued as a knock against someone else.

When a reporter told Vick he had "contradicted'' himself, Vick said, "Yeah, I am going to say my team is going to be amongst the top . . . So why would I tell you I don't think the team would be in a better position? How would that make me look? Any time you put me behind center, I feel like I am going to win. So if it's in game one or game 10, I feel like I am going to get the job done.''

But the uncertain futures of general manager John Idzik and Rex Ryan only complicate the discussion of who should start in 2015. Lee said Smith "is still in the hunt'' to be a franchise quarterback, adding he is just "a play away'' from getting into a game this season.

In the meantime, Vick is focused on his immediate future: preparing himself and his teammates to beat Buffalo on Nov. 23.

"Whether I am in the plans or not, that is the future. I am not going to try to predict that,'' he said. "The only thing I can do is control what I can control and that's the next game . . .

"I am happy with whatever the situation may be. I understand the type of business we are in. I am just going to keep pushing to get better, that's it.''

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