2007: DARRELLE REVIS, Cornerback, Pittsburgh Drafted: First round, No. 14...

2007: DARRELLE REVIS, Cornerback, Pittsburgh
Drafted: First round, No. 14 overall
It took just three seasons for Revis to be considered the best cornerback in the NFL. Opposing quarterbacks routinely throw to the other side of "Revis Island." When you can do that, you've made your mark on the game.
Impact: Hit
Credit: AP

Darrelle Revis didn't sugercoat it one bit, opting to tell it like it is.

With the apparent impending release of Jerricho Cotchery once Derrick Mason passes his physical later today, it's rubbing people like the Jets' Pro Bowl cornerback the wrong way.

Sure, Revis knows there's no loyalty in the NFL, but that doesn't make it any easier to see someone who's been a Jet for seven seasons about to be tossed out the door like a piece of rubbish.

"You have to be a man about it, this business," Revis said. "It's a cutthroat business, but also this is what we signed up for. Everybody knows that when you sign on the dotted line and you sign your contract when you're drafted, anybody can be cut and anybody can be traded. We all knows there are a bunch of things that can go on with cutting people, releasing people and trading people.

"But, it's also hard when J-Co, that's all he knows is the New York Jets. He doesn't know any other teams, so it's tough for him to leave this place, if he has to go."

To Revis, things won't be the same without Cotchery.

"I think he'll be missed a lot because J-Co, if you guys don't know, is as quiet as he is, he is quite the jokester on the low key," Revis said. "He slides them in low-key every now and then. He's a good locker room guy, we love to have him around. He has a lot of knowledge of being a veteran receiver, especially teaching the young guys. I mean, this whole situation, I found out yesterday, which is crazy, but it's tough.

"You don't want to see him go and it's sad if we do have to see him go, but we all know it's a business." 

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