Jets cornerback, Darrelle Revis. (June 16, 2010)

Jets cornerback, Darrelle Revis. (June 16, 2010) Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

Darrelle Revis just wrapped up his 15-minute live chat with fans on the NFLPA's website. Really, that's about the extent of any news today surrounding the Pro Bowl CB.

Seriously, did anyone really think he would go on the Players Association's site and they'd allow him to be bombarded with questions about his contract extension stalemate with the Jets?

Revis answered a total of 12 questions, with only two of them directly asking about his contractual status. The first was a query asking if it's his goal to retire as a Jet (similar to questions he's already been asked, including by yours truly)?

"Haha, that's always been my goal," Revis wrote. "When they drafted me, I told them this is one of the biggest things they did, and I won't let them down. From the business side, they make the choices. They know my heart is with the Jets and the New York/New Jersey area. I'm here as long as I can be. If they give me the ability to have a choice, I'll stay here as a Jet."

As for separating his desire for a new deal with his quest to be the league's most elite CB, Revis said that's not an issue.

"My contract situation is different from me being the best," he wrote. "I believe that I'm the best. The only thing that I can control is how hard I work in the offseason. I'm a laid-back guy. I try and stay positive and make sure things in my life go that way."

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