Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) warms up before a game...

Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) warms up before a game against the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014. Credit: Lee S. Weissman

Knowingly or not, Geno Smith fired a shot at the New York media.

Asked during Monday's conference call with New England writers about his recent struggles -- both on and off the field -- the Jets quarterback said the media covering the team have a habit of misconstruing his words and what happens around the team.

"I think, obviously with everything that goes on with the media, a lot of things are, I would say, miscommunicated, and then it just gets misprinted and then misunderstood," said Smith, whose Jets are gearing up for a Thursday night game with the Patriots after losing five in a row. "I don't have any quarrels with anything. The main thing is that we just have to find a way to get a win.

"The hardest part about it all is losing . . . Those things are tougher than I guess what can be said and what is portrayed out there in the media."

It's been a rough stretch for Smith, who has come under fire for his play on the field and his behavior off it.

After the Jets' Week 4 home loss to the Lions -- a game in which Jets fans chanted for Michael Vick to replace him -- Smith shouted a four-letter expletive twice at a heckling fan. He was fined $12,000 for the incident.

A few days later, Smith bristled at a media member's suggestion that Vick should play an entire quarter to "spark" the offense.

He brought more attention on himself by missing a team meeting before the Jets' Week 5 game in San Diego. His excuse? Confusion over the three-hour difference between the East Coast and West Coast.

Rex Ryan is searching for ways to resurrect the Jets' 1-5 season. But he made it clear Monday that starting Vick isn't the answer.

"Obviously, you can look at Mike to adding different things to you," Ryan said. "But I think Geno's the best way to go right now. And that's why I'm comfortable saying he'll be our starter."

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