Sure, a lot has changed for Jets coach Rex Ryan. He lost 100 pounds. He no longer guarantees Super Bowls. He no longer is bashful about publicly tweaking players.

But for all that, the guy is still himself, and still capable of entertaingly loopy monologues

Take Saturday. Here is how he opened his daily post-practice news conference, before a single question had been asked (as transcribed, punctuated and emailed by the Jets):

"The big story today obviously was the rain. I’m not saying it was raining hard, but what’s that old saying, that I saw animals pairing up out there (laughing). I’m not really sure how hard it rained. Then I drove back and I’m happy I had that open thing because that was brutal.

"The thing that was good was sometimes when you don’t have the weather, you have to go back and you have to throw the wet footballs and handle the wet footballs, all that. Well, we never had that issue. We had that opportunity today. The thing you look for, especially when you’re in the northeast, is you have to be able to throw the football in bad conditions.

"When you saw Sanchez out there today, I mean he can spin it, it doesn’t matter. It’s probably because his hands are so big, but I’ve been with some quarterbacks that when the weather was bad for whatever reason, they would just struggle.

"You could see the way Sanchez can really zip the ball today. You see the confidence he has. It makes no difference. Wet football, wind, I mean when you can spin the ball like he can, it really makes no difference, so I was impressed the way he threw the ball today in those kind of conditions.

"I was impressed with the fact that I was out there in a t-shirt and able to survive it. (Mike) Tannenbaum was out there in the rain slicks and all that kind of jazz, so I liked the way I preformed out there. (joking)

"On a serious note, there were two guys that did a great job today. When you look at Aaron Maybin, today he really flashed. I was kidding with (outside linebackers coach) Mike Smith, saying, I’m trying to watch 83 plays (yesterday) and Aaron was in there for maybe three of them. I think we need to get him more involved today. Certainly, you saw some of the things that he can do that we’ve seen him do.

"He had a great day today, and Caleb Shlauderaff looked good out there (as well). That’s two days in a row now. Quite honestly, he’s not a handsome kid, so I don’t want to say he looked too good that way, but, as a football player, he looked good. You see the strength.

"When we picked him up last year, we wanted him to be the guy that can go play guard and center. He has really worked hard at playing center and he’s been impressive these first two days.

"One other thing, I got a call from my brother (Rob) and Vic Fangio so I want to put an amendment to what I said the other day. It’s Dick LeBeau, Bill Belichick, Rob Ryan and now Vic Fangio that are some great ones out there.

"I was still waiting for someone to put the stats up there because I know I’m crazy but go ahead and put them up there one day. Since I’ve been a coordinator and a head coach, I don’t know where I’d rank (laughing). It’s just crazy that I would just throw something out there like that, that I would be the best. But it’s just funny that it works out (laughing).

"I really don’t even know the answer, but I’m probably certain of it. Now watch (Pittsburgh defensive coordinator) Dick LeBeau get me. I’d be blasted forever because of the statement."

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