In his new book, Jets coach Rex Ryan says his...

In his new book, Jets coach Rex Ryan says his team is now the "it" football franchise in New York. Credit: Joe Epstein

Rex Ryan knew what he was getting himself into when he wrote his new book. He penned that the Jets were now the "big brother" in town and they were going to be better than the Giants for the next decade.

So it came as no shock to him that he'd bear the brunt of some backlash from some in the Giants' organization and their rabid fan base.

"But that's great," Ryan said yesterday before embarking on a tour to promote "Play Like You Mean It," his new book. "That's the beauty of this sport, that you get some passionate fans about this thing. 'No way, how about our Super Bowls and all that?' But I know about as much about the Giants as probably 90 percent of the people that are fans of the Giants or even in their building, OK?

"I'm certainly not trying to disrespect the New York Giants and their history, and I can't affect what's done in the past. But I can affect the present and the future. And when I came here, I didn't come here to be second fiddle to the New York Giants or anybody else in this league. I don't plan on just being better than the Giants, I plan on getting better than every organization, every team for the next 10 years. That's just what it is."

Ryan said there should be no debate on who's been the better team in New York during his tenure, given that the Jets have advanced to two straight AFC Championship Games. The Giants missed the playoffs both years. "The facts are we've played better than the Giants the last two years and those are the only two years I've been here," he said. "Those are facts. We've gone to the playoffs, we've won four road playoff games. I don't think you can dispute that. Now, what happens these next eight years that I talked about, we're getting ready to find out, and I'm comfortable with that."

Ryan took a funny shot at Giants VP of communications Pat Hanlon, who roasted Ryan on Twitter. "I think I can whip Pat," Ryan cracked. "I'm worried about him throwing a BlackBerry at me. It's just like the Channing Crowder deal. I don't know, I think I might have a better chance against him."

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