Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez Credit: Getty Images

Though neither quarterback shined in yesterday’s OTA session, both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow continue to impress their new offensive coordinator.

Tony Sparano went a step further in his praise of Sanchez, citing the starter's intense work ethic. 

"I would say he's probably worked and put in the most amount of work, which he should," the coordinator said Thursday afternoon. "It's a credit to Mark that he has been able to put that kind of time in. It's really important to him. He's done a tremendous job."

Head coach Rex Ryan later added that Sanchez is leading by example in the classroom.

"You talk about the leadership and Sanchez, I think the best thing how Sanchez is leading is in the classroom," Ryan said. "Tony will fire out questions, and Sanchez has all the answers. I think that speaks volumes to his teammates. I see that over and over and over again."

Both coaches also praised the work Tebow -- who threw a 50-yard bomb to Stephen Hill during 7-on-7 drills -- has put in thus far.

Sparano, who coached the backup at his “rawest” point in the 2010 Senior Bowl, said Tebow has made considerable strides.

“Seeing where he was then and seeing where he is now, they’re totally different places," he said.

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