Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer announced that he won't return...

Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer announced that he won't return for a seventh season. (Jan. 5, 2011) Credit: Joe Epstein

Brian Schottenheimer may have a job as a headliner writer if this offensive coordinator thing doesn't work out.

He's already come up with a headline for Saturday's editions.

"This is your last Schott," Schottenheimer cracked.

Schottenheimer certainly is aware there are calls for his ouster, given the Jets offensive struggles. They're ranked 28th overall and their passing attack is ranked 21st, posting a modest 221 yards per game. So many are pointing to him as one of the main reasons for their problems offensively, and Schottenheimer didn't shy away from taking responsibility.

"I’m always on the hot seat," he said Friday afternoon. "I’ve been on the hot seat for six years. It’s a part of the deal, and if you spend any time worrying about that stuff, then you are not doing your job because it's going to be out there."

"But in all reality," he added, "it comes with the territory. I do the best I can, this staff works our tails off. We have to be more consistent. When you are not winning games and there’s things you are missing, you are going to take heat in the position I’m in."

That heat seems like it's 1,000 degrees right about now with the way the Jets have flopped offensively of late and the sniping that's going on in the locker room. A day after Santonio Holmes once again called out the offensive line, veteran right guard Brandon Moore shot back Friday, telling that Holmes shouldn't have gone public with his criticisms.

"He's obviously got the green light to evaluate every position on the team," Moore told the site. "I just didn't think captaincy entailed that. I've never seen a captain do that. That's not leading. That's not being a leader. It actually fragments the locker room. It's not productive."

Moore wasn't done.

"This organization lets you say whatever you want," he said. "There's no muzzle. But as a professional, there are some things you do muzzle. I've muzzled my mouth numerous times. It's called being a pro. It's called taking care of your brothers in the locker room, the guys who fight for each other."

Still, even with that, Schottenheimer isn't worried about a possible fracture within the offense.

"The beautiful thing about being here obviously is Rex allows each guy to be himself," he said. "I think the team is a family and families have disagreements, they have things they talk about. I know one thing: Our guys are all on the same page about wanting to win games. So again, I think the guys that are doing that, they’ll get it all worked out."

Schottenheimer said he doesn't believe Holmes is creating a rift.

"Santonio is a guy, very competitive. Sometimes when things are said in the media, they don’t always come off the way you say them," he said. "Those are the situations where again, we don’t worry about it. We know we are professionals. We are all going to work through it. We need to win a game and we realize that. We want to win a game, we’ve been through this before a couple of years back, we went through hard times.

"It’s not a lot of fun. There’s only one thing you can do and that’s roll up your sleeves and get back to work."

When asked if he plans on bringing the team together to make sure there is harmony and not a split among the unit, Schottenheimer said he would.

"Yeah," he said. "I think obviously, this group has got a great relationship, they really do. We’ve been through a lot of hard times, and we will continue to work through those things. But absolutely. Whether it’s done in public, whether it’s done in private, those are things that we’ll keep in house, and this group will be ready to go on Monday night.

"I have no questions about that."

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