Empty seats are seen in the second quarter as the...

Empty seats are seen in the second quarter as the New York Jets play against the Miami Dolphins at MetLife Stadium. Sept. 24, 2017. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Jets fans are embarking on a season that is sure to be rife with internal conflict. Most agree that the best plan for the organization involves losing a lot of games, getting a high draft pick and selecting a franchise quarterback in the draft. But it’s not going to be easy because the impulse is to cheer for your team.

“It is conflicting. You don’t want to see them lose and yet you know it’s the best thing for them,” said Eamonn Boyd, who is from Bayville. “You have to use the owner’s perspective. Losing now will mean a lot more winning later. We just have to get a quarterback and hire people here who can develop him.”

Even though Sunday’s 20-6 win over Miami at MetLife Stadium may not be a step in that direction, some believe there is room from bright days along the way to the goal.

“I will always root for the Jets. I just want to see them play hard,” said Kevin Hart of Hollis, Queens. “Is there room for wins? Absolutely. But the team they assembled, even playing hard for this head coach, is maybe a four-win team. They don’t have enough talent.”

Asked about possibly seeing the Jets lose some close games, he added “I wouldn’t shed a tear. In years where I thought we’d be a playoff team, it would bother me. Right now it wouldn’t.”

Jim Goldstick, of Roslyn, and his family have had season tickets since 1971. Tailgating before Sunday’s game, he said in a perfect world “the Jets play well and lose by one point.”

“I’m in favor of this strategy — you can’t win in the NFL unless you go through the draft and we need to get a good quarterback in the draft,” he said. “ If this is the way to get a quality quarterback that will last them 10-15 years, then I can accept a season with a bunch of losses.”

“I would like to see us get the first draft pick and, if possible, not completely blow the season,” Robert Engel of Levittown said. “There is room for one or two wins — maybe three — in getting there and I plan to enjoy them if and when they happen. But if the fans are going to be happy long-term, we need a top draft pick to get a quarterback.”

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