Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy...

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy after defeating the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game in New Orleans. (Feb. 3, 2013) Credit: AP

Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, now an ESPN commentator, suggested that an off-field incident involving Jacoby Jones getting hit in the head with a bottle was due in part to the absence of leadership from guys like Lewis and former Ravens safety Ed Reed, who is now with the Texans.

But quarterback Joe Flacco said today that Lewis “knows better” than to say that the off-field incident was a result of a leadership void on the club.

“It is what it is,” Flacco said, per the Baltimore  Sun. “Ray knows better than that. Things happen. I think we’re usually a pretty good team with stuff like that. If you look around the league, there are probably a lot of leadership problems then. Like I said, Ray knows better.”

Jones was hit in the head after a birthday party for 34-year-old teammate Bryant McKinnie in Washington, D.C.

“We talk about the transition of losing so many guys, a guy like myself and Ed Reed and other guys that are based off leadership,” Lewis said. “I've said it earlier: 'Where would the leadership come from?' Because the leadership being strong in the locker room and winning games. Listen, talent sometimes can win you games. But when you talk about what's going on off the field, that's the most important place where leadership steps up.

“When you think about the Baltimore Ravens and the transition that they went through, they're missing leadership right now. When you have an incident like that, the first thing a leader is going to do is find some way to dissolve everything that's going on and actually dissolve it before it comes to that type of head or even gets to that point. When you talk about the Baltimore Ravens they're going to have to refocus and find some quick leaders in that locker room very quickly.”

Flacco said Lewis was out of bounds with his comment.

“When you get the information of what happened, it is what it is,” Flacco said. “You laugh about it kind of. It’s funny, some of the things that we deal with. I don’t really have too many comments on it because they’d all be taken the wrong way and out of context. It’s not really an issue.”

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