Giants co-owner John Mara on the sidelines before an NFL...

Giants co-owner John Mara on the sidelines before an NFL preseason game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on Aug .14, 2021. Credit: Brad Penner

DALLAS – NFL owners ratified a measure Wednesday that allows teams to interview head coaching candidates during the final two weeks of the regular season if there is a vacancy. The rule will be instituted on a one-year basis.

Under the new rule, if a team has informed the coach who began the season has been fired or if he has been told he is not returning in 2022, teams can interview prospective candidates on a virtual basis over the final two weeks of the season, with the interviews lasting no more than two hours each.

"This will provide access for more candidates to be a part of the process for head coaching vacancies," said Dasha Smith, the NFL’s executive vice president and chief administrative officer.

The new rule had been proposed at the NFL’s October meetings in New York but was ratified Wednesday.

The league hopes to improve its record on diversity hiring, particularly among head coaches. Last year, two of seven head coaching jobs went to minority candidates, including Robert Saleh of the Jets. Saleh is of Lebanese descent and is the third Arab-American head coach in NFL history.

Mara's mum

Giants owner John Mara declined to address the state of the team, which is 4-9. It is uncertain whether Mara will consider making major changes if the team continues to lose, including whether to keep Joe Judge beyond this season. The Giants are likely to have a new general manager in 2022.

Vegas gets '24 Super Bowl

Owners voted unanimously to award the 2024 Super Bowl to Las Vegas. The game was originally scheduled to be played in New Orleans but could not be held there because it conflicted with Mardi Gras. New Orleans will be awarded a future Super Bowl. "It’s a big day for the Raiders," team owner Mark Davis said. "It’s a big day for Las Vegas. It’s a marriage made in heaven. I’m absolutely thrilled." Las Vegas is also hosting the 2022 Pro Bowl and the 2022 NFL draft.

NFL: Sell, sell, sell

The NFL announced Wednesday that 18 teams have been granted access to 26 International Home Marketing Areas (IHMA) in eight different countries. The Jets are among those teams and will gain marketing rights in the United Kingdom. The Giants did not apply for overseas marketing rights.

"This important initiative enables NFL teams to develop meaningful, direct relationships with NFL fans abroad, driving fan growth globally," said Christopher Halpin, NFL executive vice president, chief strategy and growth officer.

Teams will have at least a five-year term, during which they will have marketing rights similar to their domestic home marketing areas. Clubs can activate their overseas marketing deals beginning on Jan. 1, 2022.

The Rams were awarded marketing rights in China, the only NFL team to have a deal there. The Rams also have marketing rights in Australia. Due to political uncertainty in China, where the NBA and the International Tennis Federation have run into issues, the NFL did not go beyond awarding one team the rights to the market.

"We’re monitoring the situation in China," Halpin said. "We have a small, but ardent fan base. It made sense to us (to expand into the market), but it’s obviously a very fluid environment."

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