Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing look son during an NFL...

Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing look son during an NFL football training camp workout in Houston. Cushing had been suspended four games without pay. (Aug. 3, 2009) Credit: AP

Of all the people weighing in on the Brian Cushing suspension for violating the NFL's policy on performance enhancing drugs, former Broncos and Eagles linebacker Bill Romanowski is one guy worth listening to. After all, Romanowski has admitted using steroids and is more than willing to express his opinion on the subject.

Romanowski unloaded on Cushing, who has been suspended the first four games of the 2010 season after testing positive for hCG, which is a banned substance. Cushing said he didn't know why he tested positive for it at a press conference last week.

"As far as Brian Cushing, here's the deal. The only way you can get that substance that he took, hCG, in your body is to inject it, ok?" Romanowski told Chris Russo on SIRIUS XM's Mad Dog Radio Channel. "So let's get that clear. So his sob story on TV was, I'm just going to say, was a total lie ... Do you think when he was getting injected in his ass that he didn't know what was going on? Well, bullcrap. Let's get real. Be honest about it, Brian. I'm sorry you got caught, but be honest about it."

More Romo on hCG: "What that substance is is a substance from pregnant women's urine, and what it does is when you have taken a cycle of steroids, it turns your system back on from being shut down. It is very, very common in bodybuilding. That is a bodybuilding supplement or a bodybuilding drug where when these bodybuilders go on massive doses of steroids for months at a time, they will take that drug to turn their normal system back on and get it working again."

Romanowski also credited the NFL with being ahead of the curve with its testing program.

"The NFL has been testing athletes for 30 years, and clearly they are one of the cleanest sports in the world when it comes to that," he said. "People think that football players are doing a lot of stuff. Well, if they are, they're playing Russian roulette. So the NFL has done an outstanding job policing that. Are they perfect? No, but they have done an outstanding job."

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