Aaron Rodgers of the Packers drops back to pass during a...

Aaron Rodgers of the Packers drops back to pass during a game against the Lions at Lambeau Field on Jan. 8 in Green Bay, Wis. Credit: Getty Images/Stacy Revere

PHOENIX – Aaron Rodgers to New York? Michael Strahan gives it his city slicker stamp of approval.

“I think the Jets have a great young receiving corps, they have a running game, they have a defense, I think they could be the team where he is the missing piece,” the Giants Hall of Famer and FOX analyst said at the network’s Super Bowl media event on Tuesday. ”He would be a good [fit]. I don’t think he wants to go to a team that he has to figure out what they are. The Jets have an excitable coach, too, so I think it would be great. It’s a big city and Aaron Rodgers has a big-city kind of vibe. He can do it.”

Playing in New York isn’t for everyone. If Rodgers does come to the Jets his arrival would certainly be trumpeted in the beginning, but there would be a very short honeymoon phase before criticisms began to take over if the move did not pay dividends right away.

Then again, winning in New York is unlike winning anywhere else. Strahan has basically made a second- third- and fourth-career for himself out of it.

Even after a career in provincial Green Bay, Strahan said Rodgers and the big city would work well together.

“I don’t think Aaron Rodgers is really scared off by much of anything,” Strahan said. “He is about as cool and as chill and can handle any situation as well as anyone. I just think he wants to win and be in a situation where he is happy and maybe appreciated and I think New York definitely would show him that.

“I think he’d love New York,” Strahan added. “Who wouldn’t love New York?”

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