Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce smiles after the NFC divisional...

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce smiles after the NFC divisional playoff game at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2023, in Philadelphia. (Monica Herndon/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS) Credit: TNS/Monica Herndon

PHILADELPHIA — Jason Kelce had just helped the Eagles reach the Super Bowl, but while the rest of his teammates were putting on “NFC Champion’’ T-shirts and hats, he was reaching for the red sweatshirt in his locker.

“I have a Kansas City sweatshirt that I will wear for the next three hours,” he said, “and then that’s it for the rest of the year.”

While the Eagles had an interest in the outcome of the AFC Championship Game between Kansas City and Cincinnati, Kelce had a very personal rooting interest. His brother, Travis, is the star tight end for Kansas City, and center Jason was waiting to see if these next two weeks will be the lead-up to a family reunion on the field at Super Bowl LVII in Arizona.

“Win or lose, I’m done being a [Kansas City] fan in three hours,” Jason Kelce said of the limits of his fraternal devotion. “I am looking forward to seeing who wins that one. They are two really good teams. I’m not trying to get my hopes up, but we’ll see who we are playing.”

By the time the red sweatshirt came off on Sunday night, their meeting was set. Kansas City beat Cincinnati, 23-20.

“For the people who are on board with the NFL being scripted, this is pretty good evidence,” Jason Kelce said, laughing. “It’s been a fun year for Travis and I on multiple levels.”

The Kelce brothers are not the only connection in this game. Kansas City coach Andy Reid began his Hall of Fame career with the Eagles.

“I’d thought about [the possibility] because I admire him so much,” Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said. “Andy is as good as they come. Give Andy a bye, which he’ll have, very formidable. Give us a bye, very formidable . . . Andy makes it all the more formidable.”

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