Photo of a golf bag with built-in wheels and handle...

Photo of a golf bag with built-in wheels and handle that acts as pull-cart as developed by Long Island golf entrepreneur Bob Chorne. Credit: Bob Chorne

Bob Chorne has been turning out golf products from his Nassau Golf business in Freeport for decades, and he’s got two new products on the floor for the 2022 season.

The long time designer and entrepreneur has come up with a rolling golf bag called Revolve that eliminates the need for a separate pull cart, and a putter called the Nassau Crossbow Double Barrel which he says improves your ability to swing the putter along the intended line. Like all of his products, he designs them himself.

The Revolve golf bag has built in wheels and a popup handle along with conventional stand braces that deploy when leaned forward. A particular advantage is being able to pick up the lightweight bag and carry it across the green instead of having to roll a pull cart around the green which is standard etiquette.

“I wanted to design an all-in-one everything bag,” said Chorne, who displays his typical passion for everything golf. “It’s designed to go from the automobile to anywhere you need to roll it to, and can be carried across the green rather than have to roll it around the side of the green."

The bag is cart friendly, and the wheels pop off and on quickly.     

“Even if you are using a cart, I see places where they won’t let players take the carts to the range, but you can roll the whole bag there,” said Chorne. “Then you roll back to the cart, pop the wheels off in a second and put the bag back on.”

His Crossbow putter is an iteration of a previous model, and he touts the ability to line it up and stroke it just the way you intended. The putter market is highly competitive and he feels the Crossbow can compete with any of them with its little arrow pointing down your sight line.

“People change putters and sometimes they blame the putter and sometimes it is the fault of the putter,” said Chorne. “A lot of things go with putters. How one sights the putter, how one feels the putter, how it swings, is it right for your stroke?

“I’m not knocking any putter or how it’s crafted. I go by function. So what happens with 99% of the putters is that you take the club back and you are fighting that the toe wants to open. This putter you know is going to back and forth and the face is going to be square. That’s worth everything in golf. Now all you do is sight your arrow to the intended line, stroke it and not worry about it.”

The Revolve bag is priced at $399, the putter at $300. You can see and feel them at his Freeport office at 99 Russell Place. You can also go to He advises a call ahead of time at 516-867-8018.

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